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AB: Heart App by Katsunyah AB: Heart App by Katsunyah

Lexa Skylark


5' 4" in (162.5 cm)
With ATs 5' 8" in (172.5 cm)

127 lbs (57.61 kg)


Falcon's Cross
To be added later.

Haven't found a tuner yet.

The Wind Road
- It is said to be the "purest" and closest to the sky. Wind Road is broken down into several levels:

The user runs a low pressure current by breaking the barrier front. The rider may also be able to dissipate impact forces throughout their body, greatly reducing injury.
The second element is "Gravity Control", or the shifting of one's centre of gravity in order to extend the height and distance of jumps.
The third element is "Wings", a phenomenon which takes an existing tailwind and adds the user's own wind to it.
The fourth principle is the rider's ability to see and predict the wind and differential pressure via scattering light.
The final principle is "Catching Moon Drops", or interfacing with the air. The rider interfaces with and creates a surface of air via differential pressure. This principle is needed to use the Wind Regalia properly.

Air Treks:
Heart Song
- Heart's ATs are designed specifically to ride the wind. The sleek plastic-leathery body of it is coated with a substance similar to the Rain-X product that doesn't allow water to stick to windshields. Unfortunately, because of all of the runs, this product has to be re-applied every ten runs in order to keep that element.
The sole and guards that cover the wheels are made of steel and are thin, allowing the ATs to be more aerodynamic than if used with plastic.
The axles as well as the wheels are made of a very hard plastic-metal combination with the core surrounding the inside gears being completely metal.
The heart designs on the guards were etched in and then filled with porcelain, allowing them to be painted and then coated with a clear coating that keeps the paint from fading.
Despite being on the heavy side due to the metal as well as the inside workings, Heart's ATs' weight is something she uses to her advantage.

Heart is an unselfish and caring girl. She almost always puts others before herself and tries to not disappoint. In a way, she is like a child: innocent, naive, and always wanting to please. It's quite easy to read her if you get to know her seeing as she wears her heart on her sleeve, hence the nickname given by her friends.
There are times when she gets frustrated and she gets into an uncaring mood, but she really does care inside still. When she gets really frustrated, she looks like she is about to cry and sometimes she really does.
When she gets mad, though, she does not cry; she glares. Sometimes she'll remain silent, hold what made her mad inside, and then use the same thing later on towards that person once and be done with that moment. Sometimes she snaps and lashes out, showing that she is obviously angry. Regardless of which method she uses to display her anger, if what was said or done has hurt her emotionally, it is locked inside of her heart until that action has been redeemed, regardless of friend or foe.
When she is hurt emotionally, she tends to have periods of extreme happiness followed by depression, going around in a circle until whatever is resolved. Unfortunately, it is quite easy to hurt her as she takes everything to heart, whether she knows someone personally or not. It is quite easy for her friends to tell when she is sad or extremely upset on the inside; certain colors of clothing, certain tricks being done (or in some cases not done), and the way she walks are all indicators. The one thing that can confuse others is when she laughs too much, she cries uncontrollably. This does not necessarily mean something is wrong, but this does mean all she needs is to calm down. The best way to deal with Heart when she is upset is to give her a hug for as long as she needs to be held, and then let her tell you she no longer needs a hug. Only about one other person can read her completely.
Heart can also be easily embarrassed, be it sexual embarrassment or just regular everyday embarrassments. Although she always has a rosy glow to her cheeks, it's easy for some people to notice the distinct red darkening as the first sign. The other signs are that she plays with her fingers, perhaps pushing them together or messing around with her fingernails, if her head bows down, even a little, and if her eyes' gaze wavers.

History/Team History:
During her younger years, Heart grew up in America. She was an awkward yet happy child that got picked on just like any other normal child. She didn't exactly have a bully, just the general things children do to other children for whatever reason. She grew up with a mother, father, and three older step-siblings; a brother and two sisters.
Unfortunately, during her 3rd grade year her parents split up and she and her mother moved away from the other half of her family. For years after that, Heart had been a quiet child, occasionally acting out. Her mother and her moved several times all along the East Coast and each time she went to a new school, Heart wouldn't try to make friends but would somehow end up with them anyway. The constant making and braking of bonds kept her in a depression.
During her 7th grade year, Heart's mother found a job that forced the two of them to move to Japan. Transitioning from the American school system to the Japanese one was extremely difficult, especially when she had to learn Japanese well enough to be able to interact with everyone else. This just made her depression grow until a classmate began talking about Air Treks. Curious as ever, Heart had sought out the information she needed and immediately got hooked. The thought of flying, of being free, of doing incredible tricks; those ideas were put into her head and propelled her into the world of the night. Her mother saw this as an opportunity to get Heart out of her funk and into something that she wanted to do instead of working hard in school just because that was what was expected.
Gladly, she funded Heart's first ATs. They were simple beginner models at first, but they were the best things in the world to her. Every day she would practice until her legs could barely hold herself up. By the time she was in her second year of high school, Heart had turned into a happy girl with friends that she could count on.
After she had graduated, her practices had raised her skills enough to the point that she was able to become a solo rider, climbing up the ranks slowly as she reached C class on her own. Eventually, Heart took a look around her, noticing all the other teams that were around, watching as they helped each other out and fought with one another as a family. Missing her childhood and wanting that sense of family back, Heart set out to make a team herself, wanting her friends to join her on her quest to freedom. Some of her friends had seemed interested but not enough to take up ATs and ride with her. Disappointed, she set out on her own to find a team, or at least one other person, in the world of the night that shared her ideals as well; the thought of freedom and family.



<3 Food
<3 Animals
<3 Riding
<3 Her friends and family

o Freedom
o Flying
o Electronics
o Making friends

- Being ignored
- Getting hurt emotionally or physically
- Being restricted
- Bitter tasting things

x Being alone
x Being caged (literally or metaphorically)
x Losing anyone
x Being unable to ride

- Heart lives with her mom in a modern and small two floor house on a fairly quiet street.
- She is more focused on her part-time job at her mother's office as the errand girl than going to college. Her part-time job is helping fund her team.
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